Sunday, 19 November 2017

50 questions

was looking for ideas on what to post on my blog
and after watching so much vlogs on youtube, I decided upon doing the "50 questions about..." in blog post format.

I Googled the 50 questions and a tat bit disappointed
becoz most of the questions on the top search are about drinking, sex, and things that I don't relate to.

I scrolled down some more, I came across this:

i think it's much more fun to do the kids version than the adult version.

Here we go:-

1. If you could live in a house shaped like anything, what would it be?

2. What do you think is in the outer space?
more space

3. Where is the most wonderful place you've ever been?
In my dreams

4. What are you good at?
Judging and critisizing

5. What's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to you?
"the way you talk is very broad"

6. Waht are you most proud of?
I know myself enough to know what I want and don't want

7. If you were invisible for a day, what would you do?
watch movies in the cinema

8. What is the worst smell in the world?
wet trash

9. what do you want to be when you grow up?
HAHAHAHA a well-known writer

10. what makes you cry?

11. where do babies come from?
Storks. duh

12. Were there dinosaurs on Noah's ark?

13. What are you scared of?
Human being

14. If you could, what two animals would you combine?

15. Who is your hero?

16. What is your favorite song?
One Day - Charice

17. What is a friend?

18. What is your favorite memory?
When i belt Leann Rimes  - And It Feels Like in perfect notes from beginning to end.

19. If you could, what type of animal would you be?

20. Who is your bestfriend?
my bestfriends

21. What is your favorite thing to do with family?

22. What is the most important rule?
Manners matter

23. If you had a million dollars, what would you spend it on?
Start a new life in Japan. HAHAHAHAH

24. Why do people get old?

25. What is love?

26. If your pet could talk, what would it say?

27. IF you had super powers, what would they be?
House cleaning with a click of my fingers

28. What's the best thing about being a kid?
less responsibilities

29. Why do people have different color skin?
God made them

30. Who is someone in history that you'd like to be friends with? Why?
The Romanov. coz they looked fascinating in pictures.

31. What makes you happy when you're sad?

32. Do you have a lucky number? why is it lucky to you?
Not really but I like 10. becoz I was born on the 10th

33. If you could be president for the day, what would you do?
Make Monday part of the weekend. LOL

34. What is something that you don't understand about grownups?
How they can still act so immature and childish

35. What is the greatest thing ever invented?
Fried Chicken

36. Have you ever played a joke on someone? what was it?

37. What do you think is the most important appliance or piece of furniture in your house?

38. What is your favorite word? why?
FU. coz everybody sucks. LOL

39. If you had your own country. what would it be called?
Triple A

40. What do you dream about when you sleep?
about going to Japan #obsession

41. If you were in a band, what instrument would you play? why?
Drum. coz drummers rock! \m/

42. What 3 words would you use to describe your family?
quiet. knowing. independent.

43. What's something you'd like to learn how to do?
Cook yummy food

44. If you had to give away all of your toys but one, which one would you keep?
all of them. HAHAHAHAH

45. what do you think Heaven is like?
like Heaven.

46. what is something that you're thankful for?

47. what's the hardest thing you've ever had to do?
Letting go

48. Do you think that telling the truth is always right, even if it hurts someone's feelings?

49. If you could change one thing about me, what would it be?
who are you?

50. what's the greatest thing about being you?
too kind to people who don't deserve it.

this took me about 20 mins to finish.
I decided to put down the first answer that pop up in my head.
less fuss that way :P

and there you have it.

hope you had fun reading my attempt at 50 questions.

 . . .

Thursday, 9 November 2017

Life update (not that anyone care)

I change the layout of my blog again!
coz I was getting bored with the old one.

oh well


these changes are in line with my new life motto, "out with the old, in with the new".

I finally deleted my 2016 Japan photos from my phone!

transfer the rest of my 2017 photos to my harddrive too.

I've been feeling clogged for a while and after I did all the above (among other cleansing that I do), I feel unclog.

Hence, this post.


I mentioned that I'm planning to travel again.

my nearest plan would this coming Dec, to Kuala Lumpur. 

I'm actually crashing Bazilah's family trip.


not really.

I've been putting it on and off since I first found out about it. Bazilah said I could tag along if I wanted to.
I booked my accommodation maybe two months ago thru which has this awesome features! where you can book first and pay later with free cancellation.
I thought, if in the end I decided not to go, I could just cancel the booking.

but last month, or maybe end of September, I was forced to clear my leave (work annual leave) and upset as I was, I finally decided on going to KL in December. coz I don't like the idea of taking leave off work and staying at home. That's not how I roll.


Just bought my air ticket couple of weeks ago.

Lucky I managed to buy the slightly cheaper one. 

Now all I have to do is not spend money here.


moving on~

I've finally decided to fly to Japan again next year.

I even block (book) my leave already!


and I have been obsessing over it for almost a week now.

it's to the point of health concerning.

I have not eat properly for a few days now.

my stomach is acting funny too. :S

So, I'm taking a break now.

besides, the planning is much easier now since it would be my second time going.
although I'm not an expert, at least I know a few things, like, in regards of train rides, distances, food wise. 
I wanna go back to USJ for Harry Potter (like, duh!). and I wanted to go to Disney Sea this time around.
the main point is, I don't want to stress! I want this second time around to have more leisure time and more adventure time.

masih plan lah..the idea is confirmed. no tickets booked or purchased yet. 

things at work is tough since the beginning of the year. and I've turned into this person that I don't like because of it. 
actually, the work is ok. its the people that I can't.
*rolled eyes*

that is why, obsessing over my next trip to Japan is good thing.

it's my motivation to stay sane.

. . .

Wednesday, 8 November 2017

When in Japan (what version are we in now?)

this was previously a long boring post I composed on 10th Oct 2017.


I decided, not to post that and amended them to ... continue below:

as you know, last year I went to Japan and one of the places I visit was Tokyo Disneyland.

I only recently found out that Disneyland is the happiest place on earth.

I don't know about that.

Have you been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter at Universal Studio Japan? *smirk*

But to be very honest, I was very happy.

exhibit A
not even inside Disneyland the theme park yet. #whyamilikethis

Funny Story No. 1

After we purchased our tickets at the counter, we have to pass another gate, where the workers did a brief check inside your bag.
When it was my turn, this pakcik (really, he was an old man) took a quick glance inside my bag and said, "merci beaucoup" to which I automatically replied "merci" and got myself confused. Am I not in Japan? I'm pretty sure the uncle is Japanese too.

Funny Story No. 2

Me being obsess about getting Mr. Potatohead Popcorn Bucket.

I literally circled the ENTIRE Disneyland, stopping at every Popcorn Cart, looking for this MUST-HAVE popcorn bucket.
until at the end, I stopped at on popcorn cart and asked the worker "where *points at Dumbo popcorn bucket on their cart* Mr Potatohead?"
the lady said, "do you have map?"
with termendous relief I said, "Yes!"
and she told me go to the World Bazaar's Confectionery Store.
I went after saying 'thank you' in Japanese. coz I know how to say thank you in Japanese *lol*

Can you imagine how much time I could have saved if I asked in the first place??

When I get to the store, I was still lost. No Mr. Potatohead in sight.  but just as I was close to giving up and settled with buying a small Mrs. Potatohead figurine, I once again plug up the courage to ask the lady for the Mr. Potatohead Popcorn Bucket.
I don't know what happaned in between or what she said that made me go crazy. 
She said they have the Mr. Potatohead Popcorn Bucket and she left me qeueing for the cashier while she left for a back room, probably retrieving soon-to-be-mine popcorn bucket.
Again, I don't remember what happened, all I remember was being too excited and paid my item before running back to where I left si Bazilah to looked for the bucket. (yes, I left her at Tomorrowland to rest).

the highlight of my Disney adventure!

We went home soon  after that coz we were both very tired.

I was so amused by this. "Lost Children"

. . .