Wednesday, 6 September 2017

Harry Potter 2.17 version

Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone turned 20 this year.

and JK Rowling released a limited edition Hogwarts House cover for the first book.

*bite nails*


but that doesn't mean that I'm gonna buy it. House Pride or not.

I mean, If I were to succumb to this madness, my collection would look like this


but I'm not gonna.

It's pretty and I LOVE the scarf colored paper edges! argh! but

(there are going to be a lot of butt in this post)

let's be rational here.

If I were to have all four houses color, have them in paper back AND hard cover, it's just going to be like having 8 (NINE! if we include the copy I already have) copies of the same book!

its riddikulus!

wait. actually, I would've have 10. coz I have that big book with pictures version of the Philosopher's Stone book. :p

The point is, I think I have enough Harry Potter collection;
the complete series 

I read book 1-4 from my High School library. I only bought my copies when I started working.
I got book 5 as a bday gift from my sister.
and book 6-7 I bought on the released date. by this point, I was an addict. Harry Potter fanatic. 

and the on going illustration version of this series, by Jim Kay which I think come out once a year? 

I think getting my hands on Jim Kay version would be ok. although same story but at least this version is full of colors and illustration. ;)

and speaking of 'Have enough Harry Potter collection', don't get me started on the amount of Merchandises I have on this franchise.

and also, to those who keep suggesting I buy the Hogwarts Library collection

No, thank you.
it's pretty but really, no.

it's because I already have mine from 8/10 years ago.

and let's not get me started on how Harry Potter isn't my only obsessions!

I have Stationery, Kpop, Tupperware, BOOKS in general, Journals! obsessions to name a few.

I don't have money growing of trees, dammit!

I need to find a new hobby and obsession that don't involve spending money :P

there goes my little rant.
but I'm pretty sure, if I had the money, I would've spent them on the-old-book-with-a-new-cover books in a heartbeat.


was browsing for that House covered version and found below

I mean, how many version can you make?

P/S: Ms. Rowling, that is not a challenge, please don't answer by making any new ones. I am not a rich person nor do I have a rich parent to support me with my Harry Potter addiction. thank you.

. . .

Extra note: Images without 'Penniless Crime' are not mine, found them via Google, credit to respective owners. the screenshot from bookdepository is cropped and edited by me.

Friday, 1 September 2017

Reading again

I started reading again

and I love it!

but I think I can't go on like I used to.

Before, I could read a book 8 hour straight without food and water. 
but now, I have to stop and eat properly. because, 

continue to read below.

I started reading Anna Kendrick Scrappy Little Nobody on Sunday, 27th Aug night at around 10pm and finished on 30th Aug at 12:30am! of course, I have pauses. I can not read during working hours. thus, I read during 1 hour lunch break and once I got off work. So, if I bothered counting the hours, I finished that book in 2 days.
and by daylight of 30th Aug, I was having nausea and stomachache. I began my morning by drinking lots of plain water and trying to eat solid food was a pain.
It took me until later afternoon of 31st Aug to finally had my stomach felt ok with food.
and that was when I concluded that I can not dive into a book and not eat. 

but thats the thing, once I started reading, i was too into it that I didn't realized anything else around me. :S

anyway, about the book.

Such a motivational piece.

and I can't believe she disclosed her sex life too. LOL

She is so weird and awesome at the same time.

I love it.


love the book more.

am I allowed to post bits and pieces of the content of the book here?

I think it should be ok, since I'm not posting the entire content, right? :P

If only I marked/highlighted my book during school time like this, I would be your average cool student LOL!

I hope those attached pictures will intrigue you and you shall read it in the near future.

it really is a fun read.

or maybe I was deprived of reading and this was the first book I read after such a long time. :P

but really, a good read, is a good read.

. . .

Thursday, 31 August 2017

those sing-a-long songs

for some audit purposes, our office has been radio silent for a while. maybe longer than a while.

Last few days though, someone turned on the radio again, and we've been listening to Brunei's No. 1 radio station, Kristal FM.

I forgot what day this happened but they happened on two separate days.

Now, the radio sound is pretty close to me, like 3 tables away.

So, that day 1, I heard a familiar melody. In my head I was humming along to it, until the chorus came, quite a number of people in the surrounding section sang a long. including myself. not so loud though. Just to ourselves but still other people can hear.
and upon realizing what was happening, we all laughed.
the song was Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

My heart was happy.

and then, on day 2,
same thing happening again, but this time, the song is more upbeat and people almost sang from the beginning to end. only different was no one laughed at the end. like it was just a normal thing to sing a long in union to a song, during working hour.
I think it was a stressing day to some that singing a long is the best remedy. :)
the song was Spice Girl -  Wanna Be


music really bring us closer together

unless you are some judgemental wannabes, you can go f*** yourself

. . . 


*throws confetti*