Saturday, 15 April 2017

New Favs!

Hi guys!
my previous post is morbid (an exaggeration but ok)


So, for this post, lets talk, Barbie.

I forgot if I ever mentioned it here but I am a huge fan of Barbie Life in the Dreamhouse series.

Huge huge fan!

Found the series while hanging out at Bazilah's house 2-3 years ago
but they somewhat stopped at Ep 75 and I was very upset about that.
The series actual run was from Jan 2012 to Sep 2015 (I Googled it xP)

Tonight, as I wanted to rewatch all those LITD series, I found a new Barbie series called Barbie Vlog.

I found them on Barbie Official Youtube channel. (you can go and search for them there)

currently its up to episode 34.
each episode runs at 3 minutes top. Similar to LITD.
Barbie's a lot younger in her Vlog.
She was an adult in LITD.

one episode tug on my heartstrings.

First of all, I've been long not believing in Monday Blues, so when the Episode was named 'Feeling Blue', I kinda rolled my eyes.

Second of all, we all really need to watch a video from start to finish. same goes to reading a post. before we could make a debate about it.

Third of all, I am not about to start a debate here.



When Barbie said "Maybe I'm just being unfair to myself"
It got me thinking, "Yeah, Maybe I am"

Maybe I set myself up so high that when I fall, I got hurt so bad.

I've been into a lot of Emotional Training at work for the past years that I know I can be a better employee from it.

But after my last training, I realized, maybe I set the bar too high for myself.

Maybe I should chill a little.

I shouldn't be too hard on myself when other people sucks.

coz I'm not.

they are.

After acknowledging that, I become a little more relax and start taking my feelings into considerations.

coz who else is going to, right??


If I'm feeling down and not feel like being positive, then let me be.

Sometimes its not about you.

Maybe I'm just moody.

. . .

Barbie's Vlog always end with PACE which stands for Positive Attitude Changes Everything.


. . .

Saturday, 8 April 2017

I see you in My Dream

I've been dreaming of Travelling Solo for almost 3 years now.

The feeling is stronger now, during this Travel Fair promotion period.

I've mentioned going solo to Japan last time and I still wanted to go solo there again sometime this year and next year but I agreed to go with my sister instead.

but that remained a plan.

I might still go alone.

When I said I want to travel alone, I don't mean the adventure, climbing mountant, go diving in the ocean, jungle tracking kinda solo travel (coz that's what I found when I Google image for solo traveler)
When I said I want to travel solo, I just meant going to cities that I've been to before (eg Kuala Lumpur, Singapore, and Osaka/Tokyo).

My only reason why I want to travel solo is because I want to go at my own pace to where ever I wana go.

Just like how I am here in Brunei;
If I asked friends to go out and they wanted to come along, great.
If I asked friends to go out and they didn't want to or couldn't come along, no problem. I'll still go on my own.

maybe I'm just impatient. (▰˘◡˘▰)

because when decided I wanted to go belayar somewhere and people couldn't make it on the dates that I suggested and they suggest me go on their suggested dates, I become impatient.
I mean, this is my plan, shouldn't you be adjusting your schedule around my plan if you decided to join me?

I know that sounded mean but it's the truth.

I made myself sound selfish too but with the current mental state that I am in, I really don't care.

. . .

Edit: 8th Apr 2017.

I drafted this like end of March but I was not in a good mood composing it thus I decided not to post it out of anger.
Today, I'm in this mental state where I no longer gonna fret about smallest of details in my problems and just go with it.
I am in calm state in midst of the storm.
I don't know how else to explain how my mind works these past few weeks.
Not that I ever know how 


I'm going crazy.

. . .

Tuesday, 14 March 2017

Face sheet Mask

I am addicted to face mask.

 bought at Guardian, Miri, in January. Proud to tell you that I've used all.

Top 3: I asked my sister to buy me from Guardian, when she was in Miri. (LOL)
Middle and Bottom: I bought them in Brunei's The Face Shop.

I started using them in Sep/Oct last year.
I bought 4 individual sheets first to start off. used once a week.

and then, now, I think I'm mostly addicted in buying them.

I used them! of course! but I should stop, coz I have enough to cover me for the next two months.

I need another hobby that doesn't involve spending money.

. . .

a/n: Not sorry about the sudden HSM outburst.