Broken Wing

I bought this precious Snitch bracelet at Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studio Japan.

I. love. it.
but not even a month after that, and only been wearing it for a couple of times (I think), one of the wing broke.

Kan nangis pun ada jua but I was at the office and to keep the pieces save, I put them in the little container of knic knacs I had with me at that time.

Knowing myself, I wasn't surprised that it took me at least another month to fix it.

I just attached the wing to the snitch using super glue.

and after that, I don't dare to pakai, coz I know its more fragile now and I don't want to risk it.

Precious little thingggg.

why you soo preciousssss??

Jadi perhiasan saja lahhh..

. . .

the Night Sky

In light of me trying to post more often,
I decided to post everything that I have 'jaruk' in this laptop.
As previously mentioned, I have organized most photos for posting, in a folder.
and here come the first one.

Taken on 29th July 2015, 7:12pm-7:13pm

I had to Google
katanya: Venus (left) and Jupiter (right).

These were taken around the same time as when Jessica was making a post about it in her old blog.

I just didn't get the chance to make a post out of this at that time. in other words, I was lazy. LOL

Taken on 13th June 2018, 7:06pm

This one confirmed, the brightest one is Venus (far right). I am not sure what's on the left (barely visible in this photo too, sorry). but I Googled and it is most likely Jupiter.

CLiCK HerE for more.
I am not a sky expert but this website seems legit. 

I have always been fascinated by the night sky and its stars. 
I wish I have a good camera to capture them.

Above photos was taken as I was reverse-parking my car into the garage.
I was curio…

Story of Light

So, SHINee has released all the albums for this 10th Year comebacks.

The Story of Light

Ep 1

Ep 2

Ep 3

One fanaccount on IG asked; which album is your favorite?
My answer?
I don't have fav album, I have favorite song from each album; Good Evening, Chemistry, Lock You Down.

There were some 'support' thing going on before Ep 3 was released and I only found out about it on the release day. 
Turns out, ep 3 contained a song which has Jonghyun's voice in it. Thus, people are comforting and supporting those who are not able to listen to the album yet, for worry of triggers. 
The song they were referring to is Lock You Down.

Since I wasn't aware of it, I was pretty calm when I listened to Lock You Down and actually fell in love with that song right away.

You see, I became a full Shawol during Hello Baby / Jojo era. Meaning, my full on fanatic mode for SHINee was during their 2nd Album, Lucifer.
So, naturally, I love the entirety of the album! Biasa, obsess kan. kantut pun bau harum. L…

Taeyeon Japanese Debut

Stay. MV released 29th June.

She released this song soon after her Korean's comeback (Something New, MV released 18th June, which I'm not really feeling) so I was thinking, "argh, maybe it will suck too"

but boy, was I wrong!


and her voice?! (✿ ♥‿♥)

This song gives me the same reaction as I did when I first listened to her I song.

I love this song and it's Japanese, you already know what's coming next:

Time to 'study' this song.

here comes the lyric!

Chikagoro yume sae mo minai anata ga inai koto ga
Nichijou ni natteku nante shinjirarenai
Dare ni mo ienai koto zenbu uchiakete shimaeta no wa
Anata dake datta no ni tonari ni wa inai no

Ima mo mimi ni nokoru Your Voice
Mou ichi do yonde hoshii My name
Naita mama de ichi ni tsuite kao wo agete miru

Go Way hitori da tte igai to takaku toberu watakushi wa ima
Saisei kanō desho? Renewable Energy Maybe yes Maybe no
Way kowaku tatte yuuki wo kakiatsumete fumikiru no yo
Saihai wo furu no wa watakushi yo Maybe yes…

Posting Story again

I posted on AFF again.

a oneshot story.

I'm nervous but I am also relief that I finally did it.

Thanks to Aziz for the brief pep talk.


before I posted it, I was worried about how many people will bother to read it? ಥ_ಥ

Then after I posted it, seeing people actually bother to view the 'foreword' section, I was thankful. At least people are aware that the story exist.

I'd be lying if I said I was not down knowing people saw the existent of the story but not reading the actual story.
I was down.
but I said to myself; if I continued to post on blogspot knowing I don't have that many readers, posting on AFF is no different.

the only difference is; 
here on blogspot, its all real (albeit covered), 
on AFF, its entirely fiction (sorta :P)

You see, people like me, need to just get on with it. Just Do It. 
coz if we don't, we will end up procrastinating. forever. and we know procrastinating is not a progress.
at least, me posting that story is a step forward for me.
Small ste…

Positivity VS Negitivity

Third Day of Raya.

I have never been so care-free.
I guess I aged well. LOL Not really
Raya used to be such a stressful ordeal but this year, I barely cared.

I'm that pressured to the point that I don't want to care.
It's not because of work. 
Becoz as stressful as work gets, at the end of the day, it's what happened when you go home.
the environment at home is the most integral part of your being. 
I'm the type that shuts office off the moment I walked out of the office. Yes, I may talk about it or the people in it when I meet my freinds but non of that conversation ever been about the work itself. 
When you come home to a house full of negative vibes, that actually put more harm to your health than work could ever did.
If you can't be positive at home after a full day of negativity, then what are you going to be?
yeah yeah
It's all come down to how you react to things.
but everybody has their limits.
There is only so much patient in ones body.

 . . .


I only have 5 outfits this raya and only able to use 4.
the fifth one need some major alteration before I could use it.

Day 1 make-up
Day 1 outfit
Day 2 make-up
Day 2 outfit
Day 3 make-up
Day 3 outfit (if looks could kill)
Day 4 make-up
Day 4 outfit
5th Day of Raya. Back to Work. No make-up.  Only Camera360 filter.  LOL

my make up has been disastorous on 2nd day of Raya but I winged it. I must looked like a Zombie. ahahaha but no one bother telling me about it so..yeahhh

I like my 1st Raya makeup though and from that I realized maybe thats 'my' look. the nude/peach look.

I tried to be colorful this year but I ended up with two black shades.
sorry not sorry.

for the first time in a long time, I'm wearing heels again for raya. The black one is from my annual dinner back in Jan 2018, the white one i bought from 

two of my baju is from , three are made to measure.

Posting this on the final week of Syawal. hahaha So me.