Friday, 23 February 2018

Oops I did Again

Happy National Day to all Bruneians!

and it's been almost a month since I last posted here.

I swear I have no excuse.


So to start of,
I finally received my POET | ARTIST album.

Received within 3 weeks after placing my ordered.
I thought that I was gonna cry when I listened to the album in my car. Yes, I ripped open the plastic wrap as soon as I got into my car. LOL patient is not my virtue. 
I didn't cry. but I guess it's only because I've already listened to the album digitally.
(side note: to me, there's different feelings when listening to your songs; digitally (which includes Youtube), physical CD, and thru the Radio. I can't explain this into words. to me they're just different).

Are you ready for story time? :)

Now, SHINee just had their 
SHINee World 2018 The Best ~ From Now On ~ concert at Kyocera Dome, Osaka, Japan on 17th & 18th Feb.

I was never one to live stream any of SHINee concerts. I have never bother searching for a link to live streams.
I especially cautious of that this time around.
Only because, I knew there'll be lots of tears.

and man, was I right!

I avoided Instagram (my current source of Kpop news :P) for a few hours on the 17th as the concert began.
but late at night, I opened IG and already reading tons from both the fanaccount I followed and from my explore page.
I felt that tuck in my heart again.
I saw a clip of Onew barely keeping it together. from then on, I chose not to open any video and scrolled up fast when a video started playing.

I listened to two new Japanese songs and they're both nice ballads. but of course yg ku dangar atu not full version. when one of the member's voice waver or stopped singing, i skipped that video coz I know I couldn't continue listening.
*deep breath*
the next day happened. I finally brave myself to listen to the closing song. Jonghyun voice was included.
and I shed a few tears.
It wasn't even a long video. not even 1 minute. but seeing the 4 of them like that, so kesian. 

So, when 18th Feb concert started, I was ok to watch and read fanaccounts.
and when they said SHINee members were hyper during performing hype songs, I smiled too.
I said to myself, "they are gona be ok".
ballad songs happened and they started crying again and my heart ache again.

Well, that's the end of my storytelling.

I decided that, this year, supporting SHINee will be very tough.

I mean, of course, I will support them in any ways I can, but it will be very difficult for my heart.

I mean, how do you handle this?

. . .

since I already take picture

I ordered this album on Dec 5th 2017. and received them on 27th Dec.
Imagine how I was feeling on the 18th Dec.
"but I just ordered his album"

Tuesday, 30 January 2018

me making an excuse

I finally figure out why, at times, I don't post anything here.

it's becoz, I have so many other personal blog;

1. IG

2. Facebook

3. LINE Play Diary

although my post there are not very detail,
I still post. with pictures. 

except for Facebook, I don't post my own pictures there. I only SHARED other posts yg ada pictures.

Point is,
once I posted/shared in any of those social media outlet,
I often don't find the need to post here anymore.


poor excuse 

but there you have it!

maybe this short post explain my lack of initiative to post here.

apart from being lazy, of course.


Ok, bye

 . . .

Monday, 29 January 2018


29th Jan 2018

I know. 
Kenapa inda tunggu until Feb 2018 saja to post?


Been so busy!! and tired!! and most of all, lazy.
you have no idea just how lazy I am to force myself to make a post.
Even when, as of this moment, I have at least 4 stories to tell. with pictures. :P

Thus, to make up for lost time, I am making this post.

Today's topic is Preference.

Seems nonchalant but it's not.

Last Sunday, we met up with cKuch and her little family, di Mall.
I arrived a little early and while waiting for them, I stopped by Pandora.
This kadai Pandora is pretty new, I think opened 2016? and I liked to stopped by the 'ring' table. 
it has that springy string attached to the displayed ring, and you can pulled them to try on and then put it back on its holder (kira mcm anti-theft lah ah. since that table up front in the open). 
I bought one ring last year, as a gift to myself (LOL) and I decided to buy another ring this year.
So, last Sunday, I went there again to have a look, saw the ring I want and decided to try them on. 
at the moment, there is a sale going on, where by, you buy 3 items and get the 4th one for free.
I was like, "hmmm". I decided to buy one of the bracelet coz I thought, I can always 'top up' the charm.
as I was trying on the bracelet, while the sales person helping me search a charm, a woman came into the shop with her son. I remember she was kinda loud. She kinda just circled the kadai. by the second round, I heard her say, very loudly too, "that's why Diamond is valuable" she said to her son. and then she continued, "you must buy a girl diamond" and I 'tuli kan telinga' after that. I remember I shook my head lightly and smiled at the sales person in front of as she too heard what the woman just said.

Wanna know what was in my head at that two time I acknowledged the woman's presence?

1. It's true. Diamond has more value than Pandora's silver sterling.
2. but why are you in this shop and not at the Diamond store opposite??


mengada (this roughly translate to 'show off').

I am aware that buying jewelries from Pandora is not really a good investment. 
compared to Gold, Pandora is a little worthless.
Most Pandora items are of Silver Sterling. but they do have dual colored items, like silver plus 14k Gold. they also have Rose Gold colored items.
I am no expert in Gold/Silver/Diamond values.
the only reason I buy Pandora rings are becoz, I finally could I afford it.
and they are really pretty!
(I have no real reason why)

I know there are many affordable Gold pieces but it's not my favorite color. LOL

I don't know man. I could afford a gold ring but I guess, I'll save that for my future husband to buy me. muahahahahahaha.



there are so many other types of jewelers; Tiffany & Co, Swarovski (is this the name of the company? I am not sure xP), and Cartier to name a few.

If you can afford Tiffany, go ahead and buy from them.

If you can afford to buy Gold pieces from traditional Gold Dealers/Shops, go ahead.

If you can afford Diamond, go ahead and buy them diamonds.

Buy which ever jewelry you prefer.

but please, don't undermine other people's choices.


wanna see my rings??

 Princess Tiara

 Fairytale Tiara


Obviously, not my photos.
but these are the rings I own.
See what I mean about being pretty??
they're really pretty in real life too!

as said, Preference.

and this is what I prefer.


 . . .